Tired of high electric bills? Consider LED High Bay Lighting

Replacing 400 watt metal halide HID's with LED high bays saves over 70%

400 watt MH high bays draws 458 watts
16,000 – 18,000 lumen LED high bay draws 123 watts
total savings 70% 335 watts

Lower Your Company's Electric Bills With
Energy Efficient Lighting Retrofits

An interview with Bob Taussig, the owner of ROI Energy – Northeast Ohio’s premier lighting retrofit contractor. Bob helps business owners and property managers reduce their lighting energy costs while increasing the light levels for manufacturing companies, warehouses and offices.

Lighting Retrofits

Lighting retrofits pay for themselves, adding to your bottom line. Many manufacturers & warehouses still use outdated lighting. Converting to LED or T5 high bay fixtures can save 50%-70% on your lighting energy cost and provides more light!

Energy Savings

We'll provide your payback analysis & explain how an LED or T5 high lighting retrofit could save your business 50% or more on your electric bill. This savings translates to company profits! Get a risk-free energy analysis today.

How It Works

The savings from your electric bill pays for your lighting upgrade. We work around your schedule so we don't interrupt production. Upper management won't spend an hour or two on this entire cost reduction initiative when you work with ROI Energy.

No-Risk Energy Analysis

ROI Energy will conduct a risk-free energy analysis to determine your savings potential . Get started today by submitting this form to find out how much you could save. As owner of ROI Energy, I promise you won't be disappointed. ~ Bob Taussig
LED High Bay Lighting Retrofit

LED Lighting Retrofit - Bearing Technologies, Avon

Philips LED high bay fixture

LED High Bay Fixture

Manufacturing company T5 high bay lighting retrofit project

T-5 High Bay Lighting Retrofit

Philips 6 lamp T5HO high bay fixture

T-5 High Bay Fixture

What a tremendous improvement!

"Our new lighting definitely brightened our facility. Your installers were extremely efficient and cooperative and completed our installation in just two evenings. We were impressed how well the project was managed. It was a pleasure working with ROI Energy."

Nate Tarorick Bearing Technologies, Avon - Production Manager

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