In an effort to get more business owners and managers to convert to energy efficient LED lighting, Ohio’s FirstEnergy doubled their lighting rebate incentive program last week.

Converting to LED lighting pays for itself by lowering your electric utility bill. Even if you finance your new LED lighting, the savings every month on your electric bill more than makes up for your monthly finance payment, providing positive cash flow from day one.

It’s time to quit putting up with poor lighting and “get more light for less money” with virtually no maintenance by having us provide a turnkey, LED lighting retrofit upgrade to your production facility or warehouse. We can upgrade your office and/or exterior lighting at the same time.

If your hours of operation provide sufficient monthly savings, we even have an option to install your new lighting with no upfront capital, garnering your facility the latest in upgraded LED lighting with no debt or CAPEX dollars required. Maintenance is covered as well. We call this solution our “Energy Savings as a Service”.

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your lighting, there’s never been a better time than now, since FirstEnergy just doubled their rebate allowance. Quit wasting money on inefficient plant lighting. Your employees will be happier and more productive with their dramatically improved lighting.

Call or email us today to have us calculate how much you can save and how you can get improved, LED lighting, while realizing positive cash flow from day one.

FirstEnergy has some restrictions on calculation of rebate incentives, please call for details.

ROI Energy Solutions, Inc has been providing turnkey lighting upgrades for manufacturing and warehouse facilities in NE Ohio since 2008 with more than 350 successful lighting upgrades. You can reach us at or call 330-690-8308.