After two years of waiting with no rebate incentive for improving energy efficiency, FirstEnergy just reinstated their rebate program for building owners and managers of commercial & industrial properties who want to upgrade their lighting and reduce their energy and maintenance costs.

FirstEnergy’s former lighting incentive program ran from 2011-2014 and expired two years ago. Those who missed out last time are sure to jump on the band wagon while funds are still available.

We highly suggest you take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade your lighting and capture the lucrative rebate dollars available from FirstEnergy.  Even if you converted to T8 or T5 fixtures over the past 3-6 years, it’s now time to consider converting to LED lighting. Your former conversion has likely already paid for itself 2-3 times over. You’ll realize more light, lower energy costs and garner a rebate incentive for doing so, making it a “win-win” situation.

ROI Energy Solutions, Inc. of Hudson specializes in helping building owners and managers who operate manufacturing companies, warehouses and offices in NE Ohio by providing turnkey lighting retrofit projects without interrupting their operation or production.

Depending on which lighting solution we install as well as your hours of operation, FirstEnergy will typically issue you an incentive check for 10-25% of your overall installed project cost.

ROI Energy Solutions has installed over 300, turnkey lighting retrofit projects for industrial clients in NE Ohio. See our website for additional information and our client testimonials at: or call Bob Taussig at 330-690-8308. Don’t miss out this time!

DISCLAIMER: The PUCO has not yet approved FirstEnergy’s energy efficiency incentive program for 2017, however FirstEnergy decided to move forward while they wait for the PUCO’s response. In the event the PUCO doesn’t approve their program, FirstEnergy may shut down their rebate incentive program with little or no notice and honor only those projects which had prior approval. FirstEnergy owns and operates Ohio Edison & The Illuminating Company.