Get new plant or warehouse LED lighting with no investment, no debt and no maintenance.

It's called "Energy Savings: as a Service" from ROI Energy Solutions, Inc.

What if your utility company came to you and offered to upgrade your lighting to LED at no cost to you? And what if they told you that you could keep some of the savings as well? You would sign up for that in a heartbeat, right? It’s free money after all.

This is exactly what ROI Energy Solutions can offer you to help upgrade your facility lighting. Through our "Energy Savings as a Service" program, we can upgrade your plant and office lighting to LED with no capital cost to you, while allowing you to keep a share of the savings you will realize on your monthly electric bill, due to your lighting upgrade.

We will install your new lighting with no upfront investment and no debt, plus cover all maintenance for the term of the agreement. We get our money by sharing in the savings you realize on your electric bill each month and you get a maintenance free, LED lighting upgrade for your plant, warehouse & offices.

You save your capital to run your business, have no investment or debt, no responsibility for maintenance and realize positive cash flow from day one. Because this is considered a service, it doesn’t show on your balance sheet. 

If you have a manufacturing plant or warehouse in NE Ohio or Texas, call for details on how you can get new LED lighting without spending cash upfront or needing budgeted CAPEX dollars: 330-690-8308

ROI Energy Solutions is a turnkey, lighting retrofit contractor headquartered in Hudson, Ohio. We've had the privilege of helping over 350 clients improve their lighting, while reducing their energy and maintenance costs since 2008.