Who has a "budget" for an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Who has a "budget" for an LED Lighting Upgrade?NOBODY. Well, almost nobody. Invariably when presenting customers with an LED retrofit proposal, the interest is usually very positive, but few actually

FirstEnergy Just DOUBLED Its REBATE Incentive

In an effort to get more business owners and managers to convert to energy efficient, LED lighting, Ohio’s FirstEnergy doubled their lighting rebate incentive program last week.Converting to LED

High Bay LED Lighting: “Energy Savings as a Service”

Get new plant or warehouse LED lighting with no investment, no debt and no maintenance It’s called “Energy Savings: as a Service” from ROI Energy Solutions, Inc.What if your utility company came to

Ohio’s FirstEnergy’s Rebate Motivates Conversion to LED

We've seen a noticeable spike in interest by owners and managers by NE Ohio’s industrial clients considering LED to illuminate their manufacturing and office spaces.

FirstEnergy Reinstates Lighting Rebate Program for 2017

After two years of waiting and no rebate incentive for improving energy efficiency, FirstEnergy has again instituted a rebate program for building owners and managers of commercial & industrial properties.

Ready to Convert Your High Bay Lighting from T8 fluorescent to LED?

If you are a manufacturing company or have an industrial warehouse and installed 6 lamp T8 fluorescent high bay fixtures between 2006 and 2014, there is a simple option to have your existing fixtures

3 things to look for when searching for a LED lighting retrofit contractor

Want to upgrade your offices, manufacturing plant or industrial warehouse to energy efficient LED lighting, but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to reduce your monthly electric bill? Here are

Are There Incentives or Rebates Available for Upgrading to LED Lighting?

Utility rebates seem to come and go. In NE Ohio AEP Ohio Power currently has a rebate. It’s uncertain whether it will be renewed for 2017. The PUCO and FirstEnergy serving Cleveland and Akron are still undecided as to whether they’ll have a lighting incentive program for 2017. Our Texas division’s clients are very fortunate, as Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio all have lucrative lighting rebates available for their customers.

Are You Still Wasting Money on Lighting Energy Costs?

Converting to energy efficient lighting is the best way to save on energy costs and reduce operating expenses. Think about it, if you haven’t invested in LED lighting, you’re paying a premium for your old, inefficient light fixtures through higher utility costs, yet not realizing the benefits LED lighting provides.

Ohio Utility Rebate Explanation and Update

When customers consider capital expenditure projects aimed at reducing energy consumption, utility rebate programs can play an important role in getting those projects approved. Rebates help to shorten the payback period and improve the return-on-investment.