The increased lighting has transformed our service area

After meeting with you it was evident the value ROI Energy would bring to our much needed lighting retrofit. Our initial option was to have a Corporate-approved product shipped to our facility and hire an electrical contractor to perform the retrofit. This option would have placed us in the time consuming position of vetting a contractor and project managing the installation. ROI Energy turn-keying the entire process including utility incentive application, energy analysis, annual savings, material delivery, labor and installation allowed us to not only focus on our core service business, but we would have missed out on the additional cash savings available from a utility incentive and tax deductions equal to 60% of the total project price.

The increased lighting has transformed our service area. The service team was joking about needing sunglasses since the light levels increased fourfold.

Your installation team performed the entire installation after hours to avoid disrupting revenue generation, and at no added cost. We felt comfortable leaving your team alone in our facility to lock up.

Thank you again for scheduling the lighting installation in advance of our facility hosting an event.

Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Brad Fink
Christian Brothers Automotive

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