We are very pleased with the results of our lighting upgrade to our High Bay and office environments.

Our main focus for moving ahead with the upgrade was to obtain energy savings, resulting in lower operating costs. We asked you to design a fixture layout in the warehouse that would reduce the total number of fixtures, maximize our energy savings and still provide sufficient lighting for operations.  We were surprised of the resulting light levels even with the high bay fixture count being reduced by 25%. The light levels were well above our original fixture foot-candle readings. Employees could see an immediate difference. 

Your installation team performed the entire installation after hours to avoid disrupting one of the busiest times of our year, and at no added cost. We felt comfortable leaving your team alone in our facility during the evening shift.

You handled the application process with our local utility to obtain an incentive that reduced our overall investment of the project, and are excited about the energy savings going to our bottom line after a short payback period.

Constant communications kept us informed of your progress. Your flexibility to work around our schedule and make changes we requested of your team made your team easy to work with.

Please feel free to use us as a reference.


Seth Okawa
General Manger
Dakota Premium Hardwoods

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