Who has a “budget” for an LED Lighting Upgrade?

Who has a “budget” for an LED Lighting Upgrade?NOBODY. Well, almost nobody. Invariably when presenting customers with an LED retrofit proposal, the interest is usually very positive, but few actually

High Bay LED Lighting: “Energy Savings as a Service”

Get new plant or warehouse LED lighting with no investment, no debt and no maintenance It’s called “Energy Savings: as a Service” from ROI Energy Solutions, Inc.What if your utility company came to

Are You Still Wasting Money on Lighting Energy Costs?

Converting to energy efficient lighting is the best way to save on energy costs and reduce operating expenses. Think about it, if you haven’t invested in LED lighting, you’re paying a premium for your old, inefficient light fixtures through higher utility costs, yet not realizing the benefits LED lighting provides.

What’s a reasonable payback for a lighting project that reduces our energy costs?

Many of the metrics business owners and managers use to evaluate lighting and energy reduction projects, fail to take into consideration their “real” return on investment. One of the rules of thumb commonly used by decision-makers is the “maximum 2-year simple payback” rule. For whatever reason, people think an investment that takes more than two years to pay for itself is a waste of time.

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