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Typical Philips 6 lamp T5 high bay light fixture for industrial lighting retrofit

Replace Metal Halide Lighting One-For-One

LED and T5 high bay light fixtures replace 458 watt metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting one-for-one.

HID High Bays are “Always On”

Most warehouses have areas which are not occupied all of the time, however since HID high bays are not instant on, your fixtures must remain powered-on all the time.

LED and T5 High Bay Fluorescents are “Instant On”

LED and T5 type high bay fixtures can be switched on using occupancy sensors when someone enters the area. Replacing HID fixtures with occupancy switched lighting results in additional energy cost savings.

Wattage used by various lamp types

Lamp TypeHID Metal Halide (MH)HID High Pressure Sodium (HPS)Fluorescent 4 lamp T5’sLED Fixtures 16,000 lumensSunlight @Noon
Wattage458 watts465 watts216-234 watts123 watts
(Color Rendering Ability)
65 CRI (Blue)25 CRI
85 CRI
85 CRI
100 CRI (White)

Are you wasting energy on your outdated lighting?

Learn how our lighting retrofit projects work. We specialize in turnkey lighting retrofit projects. Northeast Ohio is our headquarters and we do projects all over the Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Wooster and surrounding areas, as well as out of state.  We opened our newest branch in Houston Texas.

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“Our new lighting truly made a “night & day” difference for our employees at all four of our Brook Park facilities. Working with ROI’s lighting installation team was a pleasure. They worked around our production and didn’t impede our operation. These folks are a top notch contractor.”

Francis Carney – Operations Lead – Ampex Metal Products

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