• We provide your no risk lighting energy analysis & report back to your management & finance personnel your ROI and payback, as well as show you sample fixtures for your specific application.
  • We supply your new fixtures from our local inventory
  • We will provide articulating and scissors lifts
  • Our experienced lighting technicians then install your lighting retrofit without disruption to your operation working “off shifts” or Saturdays.
  • We’ll handle disposal of your old fixtures.
  • We’ll make sure your old lamps recycled in accordance with the EPA.
  • In AEP territory, we will complete your utility rebate application.
  • You mention no need for capital….
  • We can provide financing with only 2 payments down. This way you can begin to make payments with the savings from your monthly electric bill. At the end of the lease the equipment is yours for one dollar.

Your 400 watt metal halide lamps, after considering the ballast loss factor use 458 watts as compared to 216-234 watts for a T-5 fluorescent fixture and as little as 144 watts for an 18,000 lumen LED high bay fixture.

Today’s technology whether using LED fixtures with high output drivers and LED boards or T-5 fixtures using high output ballasts and long life lamps will produce dramatically more light than your depreciated metal halide 400W fixtures. In addition, metal halide lamps depreciate as much as 55% over time, whereas LED and T5 fixtures depreciate dramatically less in lumen output over time.

The same cost savings applies to the yellow high pressure sodium lighting. If you have the old T-12 fluorescent lighting with magnetic ballasts that have been around for 40 years, there is a good chance depending on the wattage of your lamps, you will save 40-50% and have dramatically improved lighting by allowing ROI Energy to retrofit your fixtures.

You can, HOWEVER we typically complete jobs in 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the size of your facility. If you do this yourself, there are 2 BIG disadvantages:

With our years of experience, we will recommend just the right fixture combination, as there are lots of options and a “one-size-fits-all” approach can waste tens of $1000’s in energy annually.

Your maintenance dept is employed to keep your plant and equipment running. A project like this could take a year or more to implement in their spare time, while losing $1000’s of dollars in potential energy savings.

Occupancy sensors can be used on LED or fluorescent fixtures for warehouse/storage area lighting and can be programmed to turn off individual fixtures after they no longer sense activity in an area of your facility. Since there is a 10 minute warm up time when using metal halide high bay fixtures, occupancy sensors were never an option. The use of occupancy sensors can save an additional 70% in lighting energy costs in these portions of your facility.

We request copies of your most recent energy bills. We’ll count your fixtures, verify wattage of existing fixtures, obtain your hours of operation, look at your electrical panel & take building dimensions to help calculate your future light levels. You can typically expect us back to present your lighting upgrade proposal and payback within 7-10 days of our lighting energy analysis.

“We are ecstatic with our lighting upgrade. The amount of time our management team needed to invest on our entire project was negligible, allowing us to concentrate on our day to day responsibilities.”

Chuck Straka – Vice President, Operations, AGS Custom Graphics