LED – Light Emitting Diode, High Bay Fixtures

  • Newest technology for illuminating factories, warehouses and industrial spaces
  • Provides 50-70% savings in lighting energy costs (depending on existing fixtures)
  • Provides bright, high quality light levels
  • The brighter light helps to improve productivity & employee morale
  • LED’s typically last 100,000-150,000 hours
  • Accommodates occupancy sensors
  • Runs cooler, less taxing on your A/C
  • Lower maintenance costs

HIF – High-Intensity Fluorescent T5 High Bay Fixtures:

  • Provided 50% savings in lighting energy costs vs. HID fixtures
  • Today, this technology has been replaced with LED high bay fixtures due to energy efficiency.
  • Average rated lamp life of 35,000 hours
  • Accommodates occupancy sensors

*HID – High Intensity Discharge (Old, Less Efficient Lighting):

  • Typically Metal Halide 400 watt fixtures which draw 458 watts
  • More expensive to operate by 70% vs. LED
  • Metal halide fixtures depreciate in lumen output dramatically over time.
  • Light is not as white
  • Average rated lamp life of 20,000 hours
  • Runs as hot as 300-400 degrees, taxing your A/C
  • Not air conditioned, they still make for a hotter work environment

*HID Lights would include all three types: Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium (yellow) and Mercury Vapor lights.

Color Temperature

Color temperature is conventionally stated as Kelvin temperature, having the unit symbol K. Color temperatures over 5,000K are called cool colors (bluish white), while lower color temperatures (2,700–3,000K) are called warm colors (yellowish white through red).

Offices would typically use 4100K while a warehouse or manufacturing plant is better served with brighter, 5000K (whiter white).

Foot Candles

The unit of measurement indicating how much light is reaching the surface, 30 inches above the floor.


Color rendering index is the color appearance of an object when illuminated. Scales ranges from 0 to 100. The higher the CRI number, the less distortion of the object’s color, providing a more accurate rendering of the objects actual color.

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