How the Payback

Process Works

  1. ROI installs your new energy-efficient lighting using our professional team of experienced lighting technicians.
  2. You choose whether to pay for your project using a lease purchase or make a down payment with the balance due at completion of your project.
  3. You begin to see a reduction on your electric bill monthly

Fast Payback

Industrial facilities operating 12 more hours per day typically realize a payback in under two years. Some utility companies offer rebate incentives which help shorten your payback period.

No Surprise Fees

Everything is included with your project. Fixtures, labor, lifts, disposal, recycling and sales tax. With ROI you won’t get a surprise charge at the end of your project for sales tax.

Finance Option Available

You may consider having us install your lighting upgrade without tying up your cash or bank line of credit.  We can arrange financing your new lighting, allowing you to use the positive cash flow from reduced utility bills to cover your monthly payments. We can finance from 12-60 months and at the end of the lease, the equipment is yours for a dollar buyout. In addition based on the type of lease, you may be able to depreciate your payments immediately.

What factors can impact our payback rate?

  • Number of shifts worked / actual hours your lights are on
  • Installation done all at once verses over time
  • Utility rebates which may available
  • Increasing or decreasing your hours of operation
  • Adding new machinery to your production
  • Increased KWh rate shortens your payback

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“What a HUGE transformation! ROI Energy more then met our expectations. Everyone in our plant is happy with their new brighter work space. We had a very positive experience with ROI Energy.”

Jason Kelly – VP, Lincoln Manufacturing