Exal contracted with ROI Energy to improve our lighting and reduce our cost to illuminate our 484K sq. ft. manufacturing facility which operates 24×7.

The improvement to our quality and level of light was phenomenal. The improved lighting will benefit our productivity, quality control and employee morale.

ROI Energy’s lead electrician Dave did a wonderful job along with his crew. They were professional and courteous, working around our production and didn’t disturb our operation whatsoever.

We appreciated their responsiveness and found Bob and his installers extremely easy to work with. They completed our installation of over 1500 fixtures, 30 days ahead of schedule.

The energy savings alone will pay for our project in 12 months and will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

Feel free to contact us as a reference.

Bill Stoots
Director of Operations
Exal Corporation
One Performance Place
Youngstown, Ohio 44502
Phone: (330) 744-2267

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