What an improvement to our manufacturing facility!

After meeting with a number of lighting contractors, we chose ROI Energy to retrofit almost 1000 fixtures in our Hudson manufacturing facility.

Two of our largest concerns were any potential interruption of our manufacturing process and the amount of time it would take for management to oversee this project. Both concerns were eliminated when working with Bob Taussig and his capable team of installers.

His installers worked in harmony with our employees throughout the various phases of the project and our plant is now dramatically brighter, using 45% less energy than we did previously.

All the details of this large project were handled by Bob and Jay, allowing us to focus on our normal responsibilities.

ROI Energy delivered on the project and we are delighted with the way our project turned out. I wish all our contractors were as easy to work with as Bob and Jay were. I can recommend them with confidence.

Lisa Weiss
Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator
Kobelco Stewart Bolling, Inc.

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