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Are you ready to reduce your warehouse energy costs with more efficient lighting? Who doesn’t want a better lit warehouse?

You’ve come to the right place. We’ll make your entire conversion a pleasure. You’ll be glad to contacted us.

Outdated lighting wastes money.

Many warehouses and distribution centers still use metal halide fixtures in their facilities. These fixtures use much more energy than energy efficient LED and T5 high bay warehouse lighting.  We can even save you money by converting from T5 high bay fixtures to LED high bays. Call today to find out more, 330-931-3905.

Save an additional 50% to 70% on your warehouse energy costs while your at it.

Add motion sensors to your warehouse lighting retrofit project and you could save as much as 70% more energy. Don’t worry, reduced costs doesn’t mean less light, our clients typically realize twice the light using half the energy.

Look at how much energy you can save by converting your light fixtures!

Metal Halide high bay fixtures= 458 watts of energy
4 lamp T5 high bay fixtures= 234 watts of energy
LED high bay fixtures123 watts of energy

Start saving today.

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Save money with energy-efficient LED warehouse lighting

LED and T5 energy-efficient high bay lighting provide warehouses and distribution centers with big benefits over existing HID metal halide or industrial fluorescent T12 fixtures.

Brighter lighting creates a safer, more productive workplace

Your employees will notice a difference in the quality of light and won’t miss the buzzing caused by your old HID fixtures. Management will notice the difference in their bottom line. How it works

Reduce picking errors and improve safety

Brighter facilities improve productivity, reduce pulling and picking errors and create a safer workplace for your employees, especially around tow motors and order pickers.

Get energy-focused utility rebates

Some utility companies offer rebates to encourage warehouses and distribution centers to consider lighting retrofit projects. Based on your location, we may be able to help you obtain a rebate from your utility company.

Learn more about Rebates

Case Studies

Streetsboro, Ohio T5 high bay lighting upgrade using energy efficient warehouse lighting.
Hammer Company
70k sq. ft. Wine Distribution warehouse
Before: 152 metal halide fixtures
After 103, 6 lamp T5 fixtures
Annual cost savings $21,530 (based on 2 shifts)
Payback 1.4 years
Energy reduced by 56%
Before light level 12 FC
After light level 25 FC
T5 high bay lighting retrofit for Ohio Distribution Center using energy efficient warehouse lighting.
Universal Screen Arts
70k sq. ft. Catalog Distribution center
Before: 162 metal halide fixtures
After 162, 4 lamp T5 fixtures
Annual cost savings $19,073
Payback 1.9 years
Energy reduced by 50%
Before light level 17 FC
After light level 34 FC

“I was extremely pleased with our lighting retrofit project. In addition to significant energy savings and increasing our light levels dramatically, I was impressed with the execution of the project from start to finish.”

Michael Hammer President, Hammer Company

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