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Lighting retrofit services from ROI Energy Lighting retrofit for warehouse, industrial buildings, factories and offices

Could your company benefit from a lighting retrofit project?

Only if you want to reduce your energy costs and realize improved lighting…

We’re here to help you understand the benefits and your options

Basic retrofit criteria checklist

  • You currently have metal halide HID high bay fixtures
  • You currently have outdated T12, fluorescent fixtures
  • You have T8 or T5 high bays and are considering LED fixtures
  • Your office still uses outdated T12 lamps in 2×4′ recessed troffers
  • You’d like an updated look for your office by upgrading to LED fixtures
  • Your lights are on 12+ hours a day
  • You have a high average kilowatt hour rate
  • You are located in the cities we serve

Get Started with your No-Risk Energy Analysis

Benefits of Lighting Retrofit Projects

  • Lower energy costs Money that goes directly to your bottom line
  • Improve quality of lighting Increases employee productivity and morale
  • Get fast payback Especially in multi-shift operations
  • Lower temperature in industrial facilities LED and T5 high bay fixtures operate hundreds of degrees cooler than HID’s
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • We Relamp T-5/T8 Fixtures

Image of new warehouse lighting. Contact ROI for lighting retrofits and lighting retrofit services.

Types of lighting retrofit projects and savings

  • Upgrade old metal halide high bay fixtures to T5 or LED energy efficient high bay fixtures & save 50-70%
  • For warehouse lighting, occupancy sensors provide additional savings
  • Upgrade outdated T12 high output industrial fluorescent fixtures to a T8 fluorescent system (save as much as 50%)
  • Upgrade offices from T12 troffers to T8 troffers (saves 60%)
  • Upgrade offices from T12 troffers to LED troffers  (saves 75% and provides an updated look)

Compare the difference between lamp types and wattage

Why should I choose ROI Energy for my lighting retrofit project?

We provide your business a turnkey lighting solution so you can concentrate on your day-to-day responsibilities. We work with your maintenance team and around your production schedule so your operation isn’t interrupted.

Our retrofit projects include:

  • A risk-free energy analysis
  • Lighting design and fixture selection
  • Installation by our trained lighting technicians
  • Articulating and/or scissor lifts
  • Recycling of old lamps
  • Disposal of your old fixtures
  • Processing of any qualified utility company rebate applications
  • No charge for working “off shifts” or Saturdays to eliminate interrupting your production

How are lighting retrofit projects financed?

We offer financing if you don’t want to tie up your capital. This way the savings from your reduced utility costs offset your lease payments.

Learn more about our payback process.

“Exal contracted with ROI Energy to improve our lighting and reduce our cost to illuminate our 484K sq. ft. manufacturing facility which operates 24×7.The improvement to our quality and level of light was phenomenal. The improved lighting will benefit our productivity, quality control and employee morale.” Bill Stoots Director of Operations, Exal Corporation

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