LED Office Lighting options

Most office 2×4′ recessed troffers still use old T8 or T12 lamps and ballasts. Convert to LED and save up to 75% in energy costs.

We offer two options for office lighting, depending on whether you want to just save on energy costs or you’re looking for a new, upgraded look for your offices.

Office Lighting Upgrade options:

For typical office 2×4’ prismatic or parabolic recessed ceiling troffers, we can convert them from T12 or T8 fluorescent lamps to long life, ballast bypass/direct wired LED tubes.  This provides as much as a 70% reduction in lighting energy costs.

Your 2nd option would be to have us replace your outdated 2×4′ ceiling troffers with a new, updated look using energy efficient LED flat panel fixtures as shown above. This provides a very modern look while saving 75% in energy. Think about it, 2×4’ prismatic lensed office fixtures have been the standard office fixtures since 1968.  After 55 years, it’s time to consider upgrading to today’s more modern look!

Either option reduces your energy costs from 144 or 112 watts down to just 30-42 watts.

Convert your outdated office 2×4’ prismatic or parabolic recessed ceiling troffers to a new updated look using energy efficient LED fixtures.


You can SAVE as much as 75% in energy costs by having us upgrade your office lighting to today’s LED technology.

ROI Energy Solutions specializes in converting office lighting to LED.  Contracting with ROI Energy to handle your lighting upgrade frees up your maintenance department to keep your plant running, while we perform your lighting upgrades during off shifts or on weekends.


Call us for pricing to update your office and start savings money today!