ROI Energy recommendation from Lincoln Manufacturing

What a HUGE transformation!

ROI Energy came highly recommended by a colleague of Gerber Wood Products in Kidron, Ohio.

We reached out to Bob to review the benefits of T5 vs. LED high bay lighting for our 110,000 square foot manufacturing plant. We were convinced we wanted to go with LED lighting and knew we needed a minimum of 50 foot candles to meet American Petroleum Institute’s lighting requirements.

Our fixtures arrived on a Saturday and by Wednesday afternoon his experienced crew had our 160 LED fixtures installed.  They even hauled away our old fixtures and recycled the metal halide lamps.

What a HUGE transformation! They more then met our expectations. Everyone in our plant is happy with their new brighter work space.

Bob worked with us to garner an AEP utility rebate as well.

Lincoln Manufacturing had a very positive experience with ROI Energy. Rest assured you are dealing with a first class company should you decide to use them to perform your lighting upgrade.

Feel free to call me as a reference.

Jason Kelly
VP and Co-owner
Lincoln Manufacturing

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