Find out how much you can save & how you’ll benefit ……. with absolutely “no obligation”

  • Tired of high energy bills?
  • Ready for a better-illuminated facility?
  • Not sure of the correct lighting solution for your facility?
  • You want to upgrade your lighting but concerned about interrupting production?
  • Need a lighting upgrade, but don’t have the time to deal with it?
  • Looking for a turn-key provider who can make this happen without wasting your valuable time?
  • Searching for a turn-key provider with excellent credentials?

ROI Energy makes it easy, We’re here to help!

We specialize in turnkey energy-efficient, LED high-bay lighting retrofits for manufacturers and warehouses in Northeast Ohio. Facilities with over 30,000 square feet can easily reduce their energy costs by 50%-70%, dramatically improving light levels and potentially qualify for a utility company rebate.

OFFICES: We provide turnkey lighting upgrades for offices as well.

Benefits of an ROI Energy Lighting Retrofit Project:

  • 50-70% Lighting Energy Savings
  • Dramatically Brighter Lighting
  • Complete Turnkey Installation
  • No Disruption To Your Operation
  • After Hours Installation available
  • Minimal Time Required by Upper Management
  • Fast Payback
  • Fixtures available typically within one week
  • Most Installations Start Within 10 Days ARO
  • No Hassles


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“I wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am with the lighting retrofit project recently completed by your company at our facility in Streetsboro. In addition to significant energy savings and increasing our light levels dramatically, I was impressed with the execution of the project from start to finish.”

Michael Hammer
President, Hammer Company