About ROI Energy

Our mission is to provide owners and managers of commercial and industrial businesses with the optimal lighting solution for their facility, as a turnkey project without disrupting their operation.

Since 2008, ROI Energy Solutions has been helping business owners and managers reduce their energy costs and brighten their facilities by providing Turn-Key lighting retrofit projects for warehouses, manufacturers, distribution centers and offices. We supply LED fixtures, retrofit kits and direct wired/ballast bypass LED tubes. We’ll provide the required lifts, skilled lighting installers, handle disposal of your old lamps and fixtures, as well as take care of rebate applications and/or financing for your project.

Working with ROI Energy is your best option, providing a “Done-for-You” lighting upgrade which allows you to concentrate on what you do best, while we do what we do best. Don’t take our word for it however, we have plenty of satisfied customers and testimonials who have great things to say about the quality and professionalism of ROI Energy.


Your new LED fixtures are shipped direct to your facility, just prior to your installation

Experienced Professionals

“As owner of ROI Energy, you have my commitment you’ll receive a “First Class Experience”. In addition, we honor the owner’s and upper management’s valuable time and are comfortable being handed off to your plant manager or maintenance folks, once a decision has been made to move forward.”

Bob Taussig – Owner – ROI-Energy

Our installers pride themselves in being easy to work with and flexible. After all, we’re in YOUR space. Their primary concerns are for everyone’s safety and to be sure we don’t interrupt your production.  They come with many years of experience in the lighting retrofit business. Working 2nd or 3rd shifts and Saturdays are a way of life for them…. It’s what we do!