“Spectacular” is the word that best describes our lighting upgrade. At first we were somewhat skeptical of the intended results, but the actual results were “beyond” our expectations.

After months of analysis we are extremely glad we selected CME and its teaming partner ROI Energy Solutions to upgrade our 200,000 square foot Houston, Texas production facility. This was no small task since our facility included 500 high bay fixtures, 300 office fixtures and all the exterior lighting.

Your attention to detail, understanding the size & scope of our project and your overall experience with the local utility made our decision easy. An important differentiator was that you were able to get a much larger incentive approved by the local utility company verses the other companies.

Besides the 70% energy savings converting from metal halides to LED high bays and 70% energy savings converting from our 4 lamp T8 office troffers to the Philips LED EVO Kits, we are experiencing 2-3 times more light in the facility….simply “phenomenal”!   It’s so bright in the production area we can read every label in our storage       racks and see every spec on the floor. Everyone has commented on the lighting transformation.

During the four week installation process, we were never concerned about the integrity of the personnel you had on site, nor were we concerned about any interruption to our production schedule. Your installation crews juggled day and night shifts to avoid interruption to our production lines, thereby maximizing our revenues.

We wish all of our contractors were as easy to do business with and as flexible as you and your entire team were throughout our project. We welcome the opportunity to show others our facility to see firsthand the great job you performed.


Bob Bode

Facility Manager

RR Donnelley

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